Company Adds Review Center in Shanghai to Join Existing Centers in Hong Kong and Tokyo

WASHINGTON, D.C. – 20 August 2015 – Consilio, the global eDiscovery and Document Review Services specialist, has extended its ability to serve client demand for in-region Document Review Services. Core to this service expansion is Consilio’s opening of a new review center in Shanghai to join its existing centers in Hong Kong and Tokyo. With nine secure review centers globally, the company continues to deepen its cross-jurisdictional expertise by providing clients the local resources needed to succeed in multiregional reviews regardless of where the data originates.

“Our expansion is a reflection of the growth our clients have seen in the number of large, geographically dispersed matters that require document review services,” notes Adam Pollitt, Executive Vice President of Consilio’s Document Review Services business. “The complexity of these matters is impacting the global industry, and we’re responding by opening new centers where our clients need them, such as China. We’ve already expanded review center capacity in key financial and regulatory markets such as London and Washington, D.C.”

The Shanghai review center is particularly important, given the rigorous data requirements within China and the importance of that market to current and future Consilio clients. As crucial as the physical offices are to meet the statutory data requirements, the local resources are just as critical to ensure a smooth-running, cost-effective, high-quality review. “We find that having our centers and reviews run by people who are native to the region improves the quality of communications and processes we implement,” Pollitt notes. “This model has served our clients well in our other locations throughout Asia and Europe, and our clients are reporting a positive experience with this model in China as well.”

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About Consilio

Consilio is an international eDiscovery and Document Review Service provider with extensive experience in litigation, antitrust, second requests, and internal and regulatory investigations. The company supports law firms and corporations with innovative software and cost-effective, end-to-end litigation services that include data collection, computer forensics, expert testimony, multilingual and onsite data processing, hosting and document review. ISO 27001 and Safe Harbor certified, the company can deploy its services rapidly and efficiently to clients anywhere in the world from offices and data centers in North America, Europe and Asia. For more information, please visit