100% Remote Operations: Self-Care Part Two

By bettering yourself, you also better those around you and your community. In other words, by first filling your glass, you can then help others fill theirs as well.

Women in Technology – Meggan Capps

Meggan Capps is a Vice President of Business Development here at Consilio. Although Meggan became a member of the Consilio family through the Advanced Discovery merger over a year ago, she has been in the industry for fifteen years.

Celebrating International Women’s Day 2020

To us at Consilio, International Women's Day is a day to both celebrate our employees' diverse strengths while recognizing the importance of including individuals from a variety of backgrounds, experiences, and ideas.

Zuckerberg’s AR Predictions and the Future of eDiscovery

Zuckerberg’s AR Predictions and the Future of eDiscovery With the start of 2020, there is a ton of conversation on what the new decade has in store and reflections on the past. Mark Zuckerberg has been one of the louder voices to join the discussion, and as a big fish in the industry,

Women in Technology Series – Featuring Jamie Weissglass

To Jamie, the most exciting part about working at Consilio is that every day is different and there are so many talented and impressive individuals with diverse backgrounds to collaborate with, making it easy and fun to solve any type of problem.

The Age Of Visual Communication And TikTok

The means of how society, or at least the youngest generation, communicates seems to shift every few years. These shifts are in large part due to the rise of social media, with the popularity of TikTok being no exception.