The Health, Safety, and Experience of our Employees, Clients, and Communities is Our Top Priority

At Consilio, the health, safety, and experience of our clients and employees is our top priority.  As we continue to monitor the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, we want to share essential actions we are taking in response to this rapidly evolving situation.

To help ensure the health and welfare of our team, our clients, communities, and the broader global economy, we are initiating an immediate transition to a remote-work model across our global offices.   Taking this action will help ensure that our teams will be safer and better equipped to continue to deliver the high-quality service experience that you expect.   This transition will also include migrating active review projects (and review teams) from on-premise to Secure Virtual Review.  New review projects will utilize Secure Virtual Review moving forward for the foreseeable future as well.

In nearly every region that we operate, we are monitoring the rollout of social distancing measures, either mandated or strongly recommended by regional health and governmental authorities, to fight community transmission of Coronavirus.  The extensive preventative actions we have taken — from halting business travel, educating our teams, and increasing sanitization a